Eight Karats Eye & Hair Booster Jelly Supplement (NEW BATCH)

Eight Karats Eye & Hair Booster Jelly Supplement (NEW BATCH)

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A novel eye health multi-functional jelly supplement  that is natural, vegan-friendly and first of its kind to combat both eye strain and hair loss issues. Made for everyone including children & are safe for pregnant women.

Main functions are:

1. Helps to reduce eye strain & fatigue 
2. Promotes good eye health
3. Promotes hair growth
4. Helps to reduce hair loss
5. Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails 
6. Vegan-friendly formula

✅Made in Korea
✅MFDS approved
✅Certificate of Analysis
✅Product is covered by Samsung Insurance Korea
✅ISO 9001 WCS Certified factory
✅GMP & HACCP factory
✅Not tested on animals
✅Vegan friendly

💎10 Jellies in 1 box 

Main Ingredients
Red perilla leaf
Sweet pumpkin
Goji berries
Vitamin C
Cassia tora
Roasted black soybean 

Best recommended dosage: 1-2 jellies daily. 

Suitable for children of 2 years old and above. Children must consume the supplement with an adult’s supervision.

Why you should take eye & hair booster jelly supplement?
It is impossible to take hundreds of vegetables and fruits, including the active ingredients' extracts to achieve the efficacies that we desired.
Supplements are made to provide convenience by having high concentration of the active ingredients without the need to consume ridiculously large quantity of fruits & vegetables.
This is specially formulated to address eye strain and hair loss issues. In addition, by consuming this supplement, you will enjoy more health and skin benefits without taking many different types of supplement.
Backed by science and scientifically proven to improve on your overall eye health.

Asthenopia - Eye strain
: Eye fatigue from long term use of visual tasks, weak-eye condition. 
EH jelly contains patented ingredient - red perilla leaf extract that is clinically proven to reduce eye strain. The only ingredient in the market that has eye strain improvement proof through a clinical test test using a smartphone for the first time in Korea.

Red perilla leaf extract contains 14 times more luteolin glycoside (L7DG), which helps to improve eye fatigue. 

Hair loss, or alopecia, isn't just a problem for adults. Hair loss in children is also common these days. Stress, lack of nutrition, picky eaters etc may also result in hair loss in both adults & children. 

EH jelly contains superfoods & vitamins from the ingredients that support both hair & eye health.

We loose and grow some hair everyday. Whether our new hair stays after regrowth depends alot on your lifestyle, stress level and most importantly, your nutrition!

Supplements help to provide the nutrition our body needs to have healthy hair growth cycle and possibly to help to reduce stress.

❗️Is it guaranteed to have hair growth after taking EH jellies?  
💡As long as your hair follicles are still active, you will experience hair growth after taking supplements rich in biotin and vitamins that supports hair health. 
EH jellies are rich in biotin and vitamins that supports hair health. 

❗️Are results guaranteed for eye? 
💡Results differs from individual. EH jellies contain patented ingredient that is clinically proven to reduce eye strain and eye dryness within 2 weeks. 

❗️Are results guaranteed for hair? 
💡There is no clinical proof for hair regrowth function as this is a supplement to promote & support hair growth (if your hair follicles are present and active) and reduce hair loss. It does not revive your inactive follicles.

As mentioned in various research and articles, our hair depends highly on our nutrition. By taking EH jellies, we are taking the necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential to support good hair health.

Customer Reviews

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Tasty jelly supplement for eyes and hair!

Purchased through TKC access and am loving it! Eyes feels less tired!

Shop.happymin Min
Good for kids & adults

Good for kids & adults! Anyone with hair fall issue or even dry eyes can try this. Tastes is good esp if kept in fridge. My son loves the taste of this jelly too! Thank you TKC for letting us try at a super good pricing! ♡

Emelyn Ang
EH jelly helps with hair loss

I tried taking EH jelly previously and really liked the taste! Not very sweet but taste like berries. If you have eye fatigue and don’t like swallowing pills, this is a good option!